A men's health site that connects male patients to doctors online. They offer solutions to problems men face day-to-day such as: balding, erectile dysfunction, stds, etc..

Client Type
E-commerce and Telehealth
Project Type
Web App
The Challenge:
  • Expand within the copy and design to include transgender men in this conversation.
  • Modernize the visual presentation.
  • Unify the brand's concept and execution through a consistent style guide, images, and copy: Human issues solved in a down-to-earth and time efficient way.

The brand is losing opportunities to connect with its users by underutilizing its concept and color palette, as well as isolating trans men from the consumer base. From Mars is looking to be inclusive and inviting to all men experiencing any symptoms a human male may experience. The users I tested found it to be difficult to find the necessary information and felt that its tone is lacking in inclusivity. Most of the treatments do not speak to the issues trans men would also love from this service. Also, given that this idea is such a modern one, the users felt the website was outdated in design and navigation.

Desktop and Mobile

This is a responsive site. Below are depictions of both the Desktop and Mobile screens.

Information Architecture
Style Guide
The Solution:
  • Restructure the visual design, CTAs, and imagery.
  • Include trans men in the copy, visuals, and products.

I wrote the copy and reorganized the sitemap to be more inclusive by adding more options to the roster and using images and phrasing that was more intentional. The updated website flows in more intuitive.