Snag is an online hosiery and garment e-commerce site. Their brand revolves around body positivity and giving a platform to femininity, however one may present it.

Client Type
Project Type
Web App Design
The Challenge
  • Site map isn't structured best for user flow, which doesn't allow a user to find what they are looking for easily.
  • The color palette is distracting and not used in an appeasing way
  • CTAs are not clear and appealing

In my testing, users stated that SNAG appears budget friendly, but almost to a fault. They said they wouldn't trust the quality of the clothing. Many users also stated that they wouldn't consider the brand to be "cool" due to the "outdated" branding and web design.

Our ultimate goal is to see a 30% rise in SEO and increase revenue by 50%.

I noticed SNAG through an Instagram Ad on my story. I felt that with a new site, this brand could better represent their values and see customers spend more time engaging with the interface.

Take a look at the main navigation
  • Simplified the main navigation and assigned previous links in their appropriate categories.
  • Users had difficulty navigating the previous site not only because of the confusing sitemap, but also because the color palette was misleading. I brought in more neutrals to add elegance, while maintaining the femininity of the brand. CTAs are more clear, either in a dark navy or teal, while headlines and body copy are either a gray or dark pink.

The Information Architecture is the root of the user's issue with the site.
  • Simplified the site map.
  • Consolidated many items into new categories.
  • Added resources to the main navigation that were hidden in the footer.
Wireframes VS Final Design

Initially, I knew that I wanted to give the users the reasons why this brand stand out amongst other brands. I considered a video, but ultimately decided on a static icon list. I tested carousels and videos and 80% of users stated that here, functionality should be the highest priority.

My Style Guide
The Solution

  • Updated the sitemap to better demonstrate available products.
  • Created a clear style guide that reflected a modern and chic SNAG
  • Brought in youthful UI elements
  • Updated the CTAs to be clear and playful