Trader Joes

Trader Joes is an eclectic and affordable grocery store in select cities that sells novelty and essential groceries.

Client Type
Food and Grocery App
Project Type
App Design
  • The competitors apps lack intuition when navigating through the flow.
  • The Grocery delivery and pickup process is also not intuitive and requires a fair amount of prior tech knowledge from the user.
  • This app should benefit the Trader Joe's profits and increase sales by at least 20%.
Grocery delivery and pickup has skyrocketed with our need for social distancing in the Pandemic. I was surprised to find that Trader Joe's did not offer this and began interviewing customers of the franchise as well as it's competition.

Trader Joes
Screen Overview

Style Guide

  • This app would see a definite increase in profits for the company surpassing our expectation of 20%.
  • Structured the app to flow easily for any shopper regardless of tech knowledge.
  • Translated the ease of Trader Joe's shopping to the app. Anticipates the needs of the users throughout the interaction.
  • Gives feedback to users such as: out of stock/ alternatives and recipe suggestions based on items in cart.